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Your engineering career is missing practical skills for modern automotive Industry.
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  • Battery Technology
  • EV Powertrain
  • Motor Technology
  • Performance Diagnosis

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  • 01
    Battery Technology and BMS
  • 02
    Advanced EV Power train - Design, Integration and Testing
  • 03
    Vehicle Design and Testing
  • 04
    EV Performance Diagnosis and Troubleshooting
  • 05
    Servicing and Safety Measures
  • 06
    Charging Infrastructure and Smart grid

Think beyond your academic curriculum

Electric vehicle market is growing fast and Jobs for skilled engineers are exploding across the globe. Charge up your potential with a skill boost!

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Electric Vehicle Technology

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There’s an electric car training for everyone

When it comes to finding the right EV training that works for you, we’ve got you options. From plug-in hybrids to fully electric cars, the EV of your dreams is ready for the open road development.

Training is available for 2, 3 and 4 wheeler commercial and passenger electric vehicle technology. If you are looking to attend or conduct training at your organisation,  we have got your back. You can contact us by a phone call or email for early access to training bookings.

Plugin your career with Asia's most affordable Electric vehicle training.

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