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Lenergy Partner Program

Become a Lenergy Mobility India partner to join and grow in a vibrant business environment. Through our partnership, we foster training, research and development of critical solutions and deliver fascinating moments of satisfactory results for our clients in automotive organisations, research labs & academic institutions.

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Lenergy Partner Opportunities

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Classroom Partner

We are building a massive infrastructure network across Indian cities with potentials of growing Electric vehicle training services. Become our official classroom partner (generally referred as training centre or B2C partnership) with Lenergy’s EV training and reap rich rewards for every workshop conducted at your centre. 

Why become a Classroom Partner?
Achieve classroom training goals and earn recurring revenue over every training conducted on your premises without any restriction on number of trainings conducted.

Bring in more candidates and enable group trainings to increase business growth.
Activate your regional network and support high quality learning for your community at a reasonable price.

*If you are an academic institute, we have a lifetime deal for you and your students. You will be given the privilege status of Regional Training Centre and will remain the only independent centre in your city for Electric Vehicle trainings in partnership with Lenergy Mobility India. All students of your institute will avail EV trainings at 20% to 48% discounted fees and will select candidates for participate in yearly placement opportunities with our automotive partner organisations.

What are the classroom training goals?
List your Training/coaching space equipped with classroom requirements for Electric Vehicle training and receive host benefits for every training conducted at your location. You, as a partner, will also be eligible to host EV training by Lenergy Mobility instructors at your location with better revenue sharing options.

Sales Partner

Leverage your technical and sales capabilities to market, sell and collaborate Lenergy’s training offerings to academic institutions(Engineering colleges/ universities / Diploma/ ITI) and automotive companies, OEMs and startups in electric vehicle technology and product sales segment (B2B partnership).

Why become a sales partner?
Achieve business goals and earn recurring revenue over and over again without restrictions over profits. 

Bring in more business partnerships and enable joint business growth at your ease. Activate your Industry network and support high margin profits for yourself and your network.

What are the business goals
Collaborate with automotive organisations, ITI, colleges, Universities and Diploma institutes, and for group trainings in Electric vehicle offerings by lenergy Mobility India and confirm their participation. Successfully conducted trainings will reap profits shared among this organisation and partners.

Revenue opportunities for Partners
Lenergy Mobility India does not spend budget on promoting advertisements nor support running paid campaigns and marketing. Instead, we leverage Partnership opportunities for Individuals and teams with strong automotive industry networks and academic collaborations. We share a proposed revenue share with our partner groups, based on the success of training scheduled by both Classroom and sales partners, which provides a better ecosystem for mutual growth. 

Join the Lenergy Mobility India Partner program and become a part of this green mobility community of partners who thrive by positioning Lenergy’s Electric Vehicle trainings to automotive companies and engineering institutes in an evolving and growing market. You amplify sales, leverage industry networks and accelerate the business opportunities for Lenergy and yourself.

General FAQ

Here’s what our partners want to know - answers to some of the frequently asked questions from potential partners or individual/teams looking to engage with lenergy Mobility India.

if you are a legitimate business, sales organisation or self employed marketer and wish to apply to become a partner, please fill out this Lenergy Partner programme Registration form.

Our onboarding team will review your application and reach out to you.

To become a partner, complete the Lenergy Partner programme Registration form. Please include as much detail as possible before submitting.

Yes, upon approval each Partner must sign a partnership agreement in order to officially join the Lenergy Mobility Partner Program.

No, Lenergy does not take any membership charge on its partners.

Yes, those who wish to refer customers for Lenergy Mobility Trainings on individual counts and in groups will be included in sales partner program, however, their commission profits are different than actual Sales Partners who are bringing client organisations for Electric Vehicle training. You can sign up under the sales partner program and inform our manager about your request to start working as a partner.

Lead Registration FAQs

Lead registration is mandatory to easily qualify and approve leads, and manage deals. It also helps our managers to track partner progress throughout the location of deal and evaluate performance internally at Lenergy. The link for lead registration is shared with the partner after sign up. Once the lead is registered, partner can view, update, and track lead status via the partner portal.

Partners must confirm a lead upon contacting the academic or industry organisation via phone, call or personal visitation and register all leads on their partner portal, and detailed instructions are sent to the partner as part of our onboarding kit. Please note that access to the partner portal is shared by our onboarding team and only a partner registering the leads can access his/her leads related data except for the manager.

A lead registered by a partner remains active for a period of 90 days. However, please note that any lead not addressed for more than 90 days will be released back and will require the partner to fill in as a new lead entry.

A lead conversion consists of 3 steps:

  1. Lead targeting and nurturing potential point of contacts
  2. Workshop confirmation(at least 30 participants) and training fees release confirmation
  3. Training completion and release of partner funds

Within 7 days of training/workshop completion, Partner profits are released.

Yes. Every Lenergy Mobility Partner can proceed through three(3) reward levels strictly depending on performance. 

Level 1: Lead confirmation and training completion in 5 organisations*
Level 2: Training completion in 20 organisations*
Level 3: Training completion in 50 organisations*

Everything is digitally tracked via Partner portal on and Partner(s) completing level 1, 2 and 3 will be officially eligible for reward prizes additional to the Partner profits.

* Partners are given the option to choose the receiving rewards item type (Cash transfer / benefits)
*Organisations shall consist of either one or more of the following entities: College/university, ITI, private company, OEM, Startups, research labs
*Minimum number of participants in training shall be 30 or more than 30 in order to register as a successful Lead conversion.

Partner FAQs

Organizations that have previously sold or are currently selling training services or products, preferably in the college, universities and automotive industry space and understand the economics of selling training services, are best suited to become a Lenergy Mobility Partners.

Yes. The third type of partner program we offer is referrals.            

All the leads generated through referral contacts and access options are equally counted as Lenergy mobility partners and partner revenue is shared among the referral Partner and the Sales Partners. We value nurtured referrals and share better revenue opportunities for partners who are willing to grow with Lenergy.

Partners can advance from level 1 to another based on performance with respect to sales, marketing, and other initiatives. For more details on how to move to the next tier, refer the details below:

Level 1: Training completion in 5 organisations*
Level 2: Training completion in 20 organisations*
Level 3: Training completion in 50 organisations*

Close deals with 5 organisations and level up to Level 2 Partner rewards program, Close deals with 20 organisations and level up to Level 3 Partner rewards program.

Revenue is a crucial part of assessing partner performance, however, other initiatives, such as referral lead generation, development of marketing references such as case studies are also taken into consideration while assessing partner progress.

Lenergy offers a resource kit to fresh partners can be easily accessed on mail and hardcover print materials, including video references, presentations, and other training related information to understand our training services(s) better after you sign up as a Lenergy partner.

Well, this is the most important faq to be answered. In order to get listed in the Lenergy Partner directory, the partner must confirm training with one organisation to become an authorised partner.

No, you are not required to sign up separately for each state, however, Sign up once and mention your conditions at the start of Partner program with Lenergy. This will allow our managers to keep track between all partner locations and dissolve disputes over leads.

Advanced Lead Generation FAQs

Lenergy Mobility India offers 5 different types of trainings for academic institutions, automotive companies including OEMs and startups involved in Electric vehicle segments. Any college/university/ITI can be your target client under academic institutes section. However, all automotive companies(Car, bike, auto, bus & truck manufacturers) that are into 2,3 & 4 wheeler(Light & heavy duty vehicle) manufacturing, operations, servicing or distribution can be targeted as a potential client from Industry. This also includes organisations involved in charging stations and development of Pure electric vehicles for Indian consumer market. For any further details, contact our manager at [email protected].

Generating business leads in the form of clients and customers takes time, and you shall speed up the process by using your existing network prospects. This is the way to get your would-be clients towards a successful sale. However, in case you are starting with no or very small network of possible client & customers, you would need to develop your own plan for staying in touch with bigger networks since many potential clients won’t buy from you on their first contact. To make sure all our partners are leveraging their leads, this period of 90 days is put into place to ensure timely client conversion within the set duration or else the lead gets into the common selection sheet for all partners to access and nurture again.

Invoices and Commissions Payout FAQs

Partner commissions are processed monthly & quarterly basis, depending on performance and preferred payout options, keeping a 7 day buffer between the workshop completion and payment release to the partners.

Partners completing level 1 eligibility(5 organisations) will receive rewards worth 10000* INR, Level 2 eligible partners (20 organisations) will receive rewards worth 50,000*INR and Level 3 eligible partners(50 organisations) will receive rewards worth 2, 00,000* INR. Wait, there’s more! Partners eligible for level 2 and 3 Trainings will get an increase of 3% partner profits as part of the program performance bonus.

On an average*, Partners starting at Level 1 can earn as much as 40,000 INR per month*, Partners at Level 2 can earn as much as 1,45,000 INR per month* and Partners at Level 3 can earn a minimum of 2,00,000 INR per month, depending on time and performance dedicated for the program.

Partner rewards are paid on a quarterly and yearly basis.

In case you have any questions about partner commissions, please write to [email protected]

Payments are processed via check, bank transfer or paypal after receiving the following details:

  • For paypal transfer: Paypal ID and W8/9 form
  • For Bank transfer: Letter from bank, signed and stamped, confirming bank account details
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